The Festival


Welcome to the BANG Awards Festival!

This is a dynamic festival, aimed at the latest technologies and towards a public immersed in the digital arts, multimedia, illustration and film animation. Making best use of its online platform, BANG can reach all users and be watched on any screen anywhere in the world.

The 3rd edition of the BANG Awards – International Animated Film Festival, has "Human Nature" as its inspirational theme. The event is promoted by the Torres Vedras Municipal Council, Portugal and is organized by Nau Identidade – Comunicação e Promoção Turística, Lda. and produced by Slingshot – Comunicação e Multimédia, Lda.

In our last edition, we consolidated Bang as a reference event on the international circuit. The number of participants (more than 400 films) and the number of views of the short films (more than 370,000) from all corners of the globe and during the 3 days of the festival, exceeded all our expectations and set new challenges for this 3rd edition.

From the first, our main objective has been clear: to create a privileged access to inter-film dialogue, as well as between creators and the public. What we have received in return is too precious to be quantified: hundreds of films that have touched us in so many ways, making us laugh or moving us to tears...

We are delighted with our journey so far and this has energised us to continue this surprising voyage through a world of creativity and technique.

- Inspirational Theme 2016 – "Human Nature"

The current edition of the Bang Awards Festival is themed around the notion of "Human Nature". The creators of films that explore this subject will be highly regarded by the panel of judges and the organisers. This is not an obligatory theme, however, it is simply the underlying inspiration for this Bang Awards Festival.

Therefore, we ask all the participants to look into their hearts and examine the meaning of Human Nature. What does Human Nature mean to each of us? What place do we humans occupy on our planet and how do we relate to one another? What is the true nature of being a human? We want your Animation cinema to constitute a platform for discussion and debate of these important topics. It is in your hands to make a difference.

Between 26 September and 2 October, Animation will be roaming the streets of Torres Vedras!
Get ready for another epic edition of the Bang Awards Festival!

Remember that magic is part of animation.
Dream, imagine...
Animate, but most importantly of all, believe!
Bang it now!